Hello fellow adventurers

and welcome to my first ‘Tip shop challenge’  – so what is it I hear you shout…….well like most creatives, I love nothing better than turning something discarded into something else, something useful or just different.  I love scouring charity shops and car boots for that elusive find that will start me on yet another creative adventure.

SO my challenge to myself this time was to find something at £1 or less and to alter it, colour it, pretty it up or distress it down and I have to use things already in my stash ( yes the one we all have but daren’t admit how big its getting!! – bit like my waistline)…..and so here we go

This metal tea light stand was found at our local tip shop, one of my favourite places for finding treasures. Using black Powertex, I coated the whole item, dipped hessian was then pushed into the gap leaving trailing ends and 3d small balls were added to the stand and base.

A small birdcage from my necklace stash was then suspended in the centre of the heart using floristry wire so that it still had some movement.

Once dry I then used a combination of Powertex Colortrix pigments to heavily dry brush the flowers on the outside and lightly dusted with terragreen on the inside

And here is its before and after shots

Until next time………Happy adventuring………Ax

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