Stone Art Owl- Online Workshop

Learn how to create a beautiful Stone Art clay Owl in the comfort of your own home in this our first online workshop.



This is our first full workshop online

During this workshop you will create a Stone Art clay owl plaque which can be wall mounted if required.

During the video you will learn

  • building structure in your base
  • making stone art clay
  • how to texturise clay
  • using moulds
  • dry brushing

This is a complete workshop where you will end up with a finished project.

Access to a private facebook group is also included so that you may ask any questions and share your work with other students.

Video run time – 90 mins

This new workshop is also offered as a studio based project. Please see the Studio section for pricing/dates.



* MDF Owl Template

*Powertex – I used Bronze

*Powertex Stone Art

*Powertex Easy Varnish

*Pearl Pigments

*Pair of Glass Eyes

*Plastic Apron

*Disposable Gloves

Kitchen Foil

Wooden Skewer

Various items for making texture eg stamps/string/

Flower and Leaf moulds

Masking Tape

Small Plastic Bag

Synthetic Paintbrush

Spatula/Wooden Spoon – or similar for mixing clay

Empty Container (I use a large yoghurt pot)

Water Pot

Cover for your table –  I use the back of a puppy pad


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