Hare/Rabbit Head Online Workshop

In this, our first online workshop, I show you step by step how to create this beautiful Hare/Rabbit Head sculpture in a frame.


For the first time ever we are bringing you a full workshop online

This Hare/Rabbit head workshop has previously only been taught face to face however we have now created a fabulous video workshop so that you can complete this project in your own home.

During the video you will learn

  • how to build a small armature
  • how to make Stone Art clay
  • how to texturise clay for this and other projects
  • how to fabric sculpt a textured background
  • how to drybrush

This is a complete workshop where you will end up with a finished project.

Video run time – 1 hour 6 mins



*Box Frame

*Small Canvasboard ( 10x10cm )

*Powertex – I used Bronze

*Powertex Paper Decoration

*Powertex Stone Art

*Powertex Easy Varnish


*Pair of Glass Eyes

*Plastic Apron

*Disposable Gloves

*Kitchen Foil

*Wooden Skewer

*Masking Tape

*Small Plastic Bag

*Synthetic Paintbrush

Spatula/Wooden Spoon – or similar for mixing clay

Empty Container (I use a large yoghurt pot)

Water Pot

Cover for your table –  I use the back of a puppy pad


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