Powertex Academy Stone Art Training

Whether you are planning to go on to teach workshops or simply wish to have a thorough understanding of Powertex, our wonderful Training Academy courses are for you.

The Academy Training is booked through Powertex UK.

Please emailinfo@powertex.co.uk

*** COVID-19 *** 

The studio is open with restricted numbers.


Pre requisite – You must have attended a Powertex Academy Fabric Sculpting Training course

In this Academy training session, learn all about Stone Art – the full range of techniques and applications; how to create the famous stone effect, how to use Stone Art with Powertex to create air-dry clay and how use traditional bister inks with Stone Art. All projects will be yours to take home.

Join us for a fun filled informative two days after which you get to take home all of the pieces you create.


Monday 16th/ tuesday 17th August 2021

Monday 11th / Tuesday 12th October 2021


Please book through www.powertex.co.uk

There are further areas of training covering the uses of the full range of products including Mixed Media Painting techniques and Easy 3D Flex.

Gallery images show the type of projects you can achieve with the learnt techniques.

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