Hello again

Well Jack and Sarah will have to wait no longer as its now time for them to meet up again……….

This cog clock was created from pre-cut MDF shapes, I laid out a rough plan before starting.

Powertex Structure paste was used to stencil images onto all of pieces

The pieces were then given a coat of Powertex Ivory to seal the surface of the MDF

Rusty Powder was then mixed into the Powertex, along with vinegar, and this was applied to the cogs in an uneven layer.  As I wanted a grungy look I applied more rust on top of the wet Powertex and sprayed with vinegar.

Once dry I used Powertex transparent to attach the cogs together – supporting them with scrunched plastic bags until set.

I poured out small pools of red, yellow and terracotta Powertex and used my finger to dry brush varying colours over the rust.

Finally metal cogs were attached to the top of the MDF again using Powertex transparent.

So we know the time but in the next blog you can find out the place…….

Don’t forget,  you could spend time with your local tutor and have fun creating your own story.

Until then, happy creative adventuring…….Ax

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