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and welcome to my first post as a Powertex Design Team member.  My theme for this project is Valentines Day and it all started with a pair of handles……(.make sure you read to the bottom to find out why ‘She Carried his Love in her Heart”…….

I wanted to create a bag that could be used so I set to on a papier mache heart, cutting it in two, very carefully as a sharp carving knife was involved!

I then used ivory Powertex and natural bister to get a crackled texture on the outside and applied two coats of mat varnish to protect it.

This inside was treated to a golden finish with Rich Gold colortrix.  Paper leaves and the word ‘Love’ were coated in ivory Powertex, dry brushed with rich gold pigment and attached to the left hand side whilst images from the Powertex silk paper postcards sheet were added to the one opposite side.

The handles were sewn onto the heart using thin jewellery wire, a pokey tool was used to make the holes,  brads were used to attach leather straps to form both the closure and the hinge.

Paper flowers and leaves were then coated in ivory Powertex and dry brushed with rich gold pigment before being attached to the side and top of the heart.

A strip of lace dipped in transparent Powertex added a neat finish to the two edges and a final bundle of letters made the project complete

So why was is she carrying his letters in her heart?  Well I am a very left brained (logical) thinker and that can sometimes get in the way when I am trying to be creative and think outside of the box so when I’m creating,  I give my left brain a task to keep it occupied.  I invite it to create a back story to the piece being created.  So logical left brain is happy whilst rebel right brain can play.

The story so far……….

Jack, an international roving reporter, met Sarah, a book editor, at a Christmas party.  They got on really well and talked about their work and lives.  They planned to meet again the following day, but Jack was sent on assignment before they could meet.  He decided to woo Sarah in the old fashioned way,  with handwritten letters from the countries he was in.

Want to know what he said?    Look out for a future blog post………..

Until then happy creative adventures and if you would like to learn fantastic Powertex  techniques lookup your local certified tutor here


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  1. Looking forward to hearing how the story progresses. Annette’s work is stunning, as usual. So much thought goes into everything – and I love how her brain works. The bag is a beautiful piece of work and I am sure the story will unfold beautifully too. ❤️ A love story!

  2. You have a beautiful and creative mind Annette and George is so right, the heart bag is stunningly gorgeous! Loving the story….can’t wait for the next xxx

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