Hello Creative Adventurers

So If you have been anxiously waiting with bated breath to find out what jack said here it is…..(you can catch up with the story so far here).

“Jack wrote to her of things they would do, places they would visit, experiences they would share, he crafted a headful of DREAMS.”

To create this piece, I started with a carved head and formed an armature of foil covered with masking tape to make the circle above the face.

This was then coated in Powertex Black alongside some old Christmas decorations and mulberry flowers these were all then left to dry.

Cotton Lace was dipped into the black Powertex and wrapped around the armature.  The dry decorations and flowers were then tucked into and onto the lace (where needed a fresh coat of Powertex was added to the base of the flowers to help them stick). This was then left to dry.

The flowers, swirls and lace were then dry brushed using a mixture of Powercolor  and Colotrix Pigments.

HOWEVER…….What Sarah really wanted to know was when would they next meet……….See my next DT blog to find out where and when that will be.

Till then happy creative adventures……….Ax

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