Hello Creative Adventurers…….

This time last week I had my creative passport out and travelled to Birmingham where I was at the NEC in the Artists Avenue of the ICHF Hobbycrafts show.  What an amazing experience……

Whilst there I got to play with the new Powertex WHITE.  This is a real bright clean white that Daz (other soap powders are available) would be proud of!!

So what to make? Well you don’t get much whiter that a goose feather and so Gloria Goose came into being.

She was created on a wire armature, with masking tape and a covering of tissue paper applied using the white Powertex. Once dry her beak was dry brushed using a mixture of orange, yellow ochre and yellow pigments and her eyes are black pigment.

Glorias cracked eggs were based on papier mache eggs coated in bronze Powertex with a layer of ivory based 3D flex clay.  They were both sprayed with Natural Brown bister.

The all important golden egg is a polystyrene egg coated in a layer of Powertex ivory mixed with 3D sand to give a textured finish.  This was then dry brushed with two layers of Rich Gold colortrix pigment.

She made her nest out of garden twigs and is now sitting happily in the conservatory waiting for her new arrivals to hatch!

Hope you like her, see you soon on our next adventure.


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  1. She looks wonderful Annette!
    Glad her beak coloured up and she laid those all important eggs after her birthing at the NEC ??

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