My Powertex Journey.

In January 2014, my best friend returned from a holiday in Australia with a handful of craft magazines for me. I was flicking through these when I came across an advert for fabric sculpting. I was instantly intrigued and just knew I had to learn these techniques.

I searched around but could find very little information here in the UK but whilst at a Hobbycraft show in March, the same year, I came across Powertex UK. It was here that I met Tracey Evans, Creative Director, and I think she thought I was a bit strange as I flew up to her saying I have to learn this. After taking a deep breath she pointed me to a couple of DVDs that were on the stand. ‘No’ i stated quite firmly, I know I have to come to you to learn. At this point I didn’t even know where in the country she was based. Luckily it turned out to be Studley – a 30 minute drive away. Tracey took my details and promised to send through information.

I waited patiently but nothing arrived, so I prompted and still nothing arrived. It turned out that unbeknownst to me or each other, both my best friend and my husband were trying to buy me workshop vouchers and here I was trying to book on the workshops all at the same time !!

Once this confusion had all been sorted I spent the next year taking every workshop they offered. I just didn’t believe that one product could do everything they claimed…….me of little faith ……it delivered so much more.

In 2015 I joined the team and took my certifications to allow me to teach all the different techniques.

Over the next four years I worked to build my own business by developing workshops, attending craft shows, displaying at exhibitions and attending national shows with Powertex UK which gave me insight into the larger crafting community. For the last three years I have been on the Powertex UK Design team.

I have exhibited my exhibition work at the Welsh Sennedd, The Pierhead, NEC and other venues.

Today, as well as design work, I teach my own courses to my students and am commissioned by Powertex UK to train new tutors in business development/fabric sculpting and existing tutors in Stone Art.