My name is Annette Smyth and I am based in Leamington Spa. I began my creative journey as a child learning knitting from my Mum and embroidery skills from my Dad. I studied embroidery further whilst at school. After school I learnt various other crafting techniques such as card making, sugar crafting, crochet and decorative painting. I have always loved creating things especially items that could be used.

In February 2014, I was introduced to fabric sculpting via an Australian painting magazine that a friend bought for me whilst on holiday. This is where my passion for sculpting, in all forms, began. I went on to take courses in Powertex sculpting, wire sculpting and am learning ceramics with various tutors. To read more about my Powertex journey click here.

Today I focus on the sculptural side of my artwork using traditional kiln fired clay, air drying clay and fabric.

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