Jack and Sarah – the end of a beautiful year.

Hi Everyone

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and have a very Peaceful New Year.

So we are at the end of what has been an amazing year for Jack and Sarah, but what did happen on New Years Eve??? (if you’re not up to date with the story check back on our previous blogs)



19:30 – gets into his pre booked car and heads to the Empire State Building, checking his pocket three times to ensure the ring is safely inside.

19:45 – Arrives at the main entrance and heads for the lifts to the Observation deck to meet the minister and make those last minute checks ensuring everything is as he wants it to be for his girl.

20:05 – He waits patiently for Sarah to arrive after all it is customary for the bride to be late.


19:00 – slips into her designer dress and sits in front of the mirror to apply her makeup and put the finishing touches to her hair.

19:30 – Gets into her pre booked car heading for the event that could change her life
20:00 – Arrives and steps out of the car and heads for the entrance stopping only at the cloakroom on her way in to check for any last minute fixes.

20:15 – As she sweeps into the Ballroom of the Australian Embassy for the masquerade ball, she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirrored walls. She really was turning into an Ice Maiden with a heart of stone. Still this was her fourth year of doing this, and although this last year with Jack had been fun, she quite fancied being wined and dined down under next year, she just had to choose the next victim wisely!






This was created on a polystyrene swan neck covered in Powertex lead and Stone Art.  The Snowflake detail was made using Easy structure and dusted with black, silver and Powerpearl pigments.  The headband is a piece of corrugated cardboard painted with lead Powertex and then easy structure detail was added.

The hair was built up using gauze and black Powertex,

The makeup was designed and applied by the very talented Amber Young using black, white and powerpearl pigments with easy varnish and gloss varnish on the lips.

The plastic icicles, false eyelashes and stone bling were all added using easy varnish.

Well thats the end of the creative adventure with Jack and Sarah but I’ll be back next year sharing more of my adventures with some step by step projects.  Hope to see you then



NEWSFLASH – Powertex tutor finds sarcophagus!





It was reported today that a Powertex tutor has found a rare sarcophagus, whilst gardening, this weekend.


The Sarcophagus, thought to date from the early reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, was said to closely resemble a paper mache pencil box which had been coated in black Powertex.

The lower half had very deep ridges similar to corrugated cardboard, whilst the top section had a plaster replica of the famous Tut himself nestled in a bed of 3D flex made into a thick clay again with black Powertex and imprinted with a hardened piece of the corrugated cardboard.

The rear of the sarcophagus seems to have some hieroglyphs in gold as if they had been stamped using the Scarabella/Heiro Heaven stamp sets using easy varnish and gold pigment.

Upon opening the front, the adventurers were surprised to find an intact mummy.

Closer inspection revealed this was a foil form, covered in masking tape and painted with Powertex Ivory.  This had then been wrapped in gauze which had also been dipped in the Ivory Powertex and then sprayed with natural brown bister.



The whole sarcophagus inside and out had been covered with a dusting of Rich Gold pigment.


Archaeological specialists have decline to comment at this time.

For those eagle eyed readers out there – yes the hieroglyphs on the pith helmut do spell Powertex!!



Until next time, happy creative adventures



Jack, Sarah and Klimt !

Hello again Creative Friends

For those of you who have been following Jack and Sarah’s story here is the latest update…….

‘After finally meeting up again, Jack took Sarah to see an exhibition of Klimt’s paintings at Neue Galerie in New York.  She instantly fell in love with the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, the painting recently featured in the film Woman in Gold starring Helen Mirren.

Jack was so moved by Sarah’s reaction that he set to and created his own version just for her, his own Golden woman ….’

The piece was created on a canvas which was coated in Powertex Yellow Ochre, this was then sprayed with Natural Brown Bister and a scrunched up paper towel was used to remove some of the bister to give a textured effect in the background before being dried.

A plaster head was attached using Powertex Transparent, the hair is Powercotton dipped in Black Powertex.  Colouring on the face and the detail in the background was all down with Powertex pigments and Easy Coat Varnish

The clothes and cape were added after being dipped in Powertex Transparent and were then heavily dry brushed in Rich Gold.

Finally small patches of Gilding flakes were added to the background using Easy Coat Varnish for that extra touch of sparkle.

Don’t Forget Powertex is going to be at the Hobbycrafts Show at the NEC from tomorrow until Sunday where you can meet up with the team and pick up some great hints and tips as you top up your stash.

Cant wait to see you there……..

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can always contact your local tutor for more great ideas.

Until next time have fun creating



Mermaid Tails

Hello there

Did you manage to get yourself one of the new mermaid mdf shapes from the latest Powertex UK shows on Hochanda?

I wanted to share with you a way of giving your girl a little more attitude by literally raising her profile.





Start by fixing the two mermaid pieces together using the small mdf square supplied







Then using tin foil create rolls of foil and lay them down the tail. Squeeze the foil as you place it onto the shape to create a sturdy base. 





Continue adding rolls moving across the area until all of the mdf is covered and you have created the height and shape you want, make sure you keep the curving edges of the mermaid by squeezing the foil into the shape.






Repeat this process with the tail fins.





Add another raised area to the centre of the head to create the back of the skull. As before build this out to the edges using rolled foil 




 When these are complete take flat pieces of foil and wrap one across the whole foiled tail area  and one across the head to keep everything in place. Tuck the excess foil to the back of the mermaid ensuring that you mermaid still sits flat.

Finally cover all foil with a layer of masking tape

You can then apply a coat of Powertex to give everything a common base.  This is now ready for the application of your design whether that’s fabric, stone art clay, 3D flex, Powertex and bister or any combination you want to apply.

Have fun creating your own Mermaid Tails.