Powertex and Permanent Markers



Hi Everyone

Did you know that you can use permanent markers on top of your Powertex.  Perfect for adding those delicate details and no need for that really steady hand.

Here I have used the scary “The End” stencil from Powertex UK with Easy Structure paste to place the main skeleton face.  Once dry I filled in the outline using Powertex White Universal Medium and let it dry again.  Then I got out my permanent markers and started to play.

The background floral stencil behind the head was created using the Easy Structure paste blended with Black Powercolor pigment.  Make sure you mix it well with a palette knife to get it at smooth as possible before applying through a stencil.

With the ghostly images I used the Powertex transparent Universal Medium and stipples through the stencil with a stiff brush.  Whilst wet I sprinkled 3D Sand onto the image and left it to dry completely.Once dry brush away the excess sand.


I had great fun creating this……….what will you create with your Powertex goodies?

Don’t forget to share you make on the Powertex UK facebook page Powertex Addicts United and look up your local tutor for even more Powertex inspiration.

Bye for now



Inspired by leftover Wallpaper?

Hello there

Did you read the latest Powertex newsletter and see the top tip for September was to use leftover wallpaper within your Powertex creations…..

Well it got me thinking about how useful that would be to create a really quick Halloween canvas

Here I used some leftover brickwork wallpaper and adhered this to my canvas with Easy Coat Mat varnish .  I then created a thick clay with Ivory Powertex and 3D Sand

Using the new stencil “The End”, I applied Easy structure paste through the bottom left skull image and once dry applied colour  to the clay and image using pigments and Easy Varnish 

The words were added by stippling the ivory powertex through the stencil once everything else was dry.

What wallpaper do you have that could inspire you?

Bye for now

Annette x

NEWSFLASH – Powertex tutor finds sarcophagus!





It was reported today that a Powertex tutor has found a rare sarcophagus, whilst gardening, this weekend.


The Sarcophagus, thought to date from the early reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, was said to closely resemble a paper mache pencil box which had been coated in black Powertex.

The lower half had very deep ridges similar to corrugated cardboard, whilst the top section had a plaster replica of the famous Tut himself nestled in a bed of 3D flex made into a thick clay again with black Powertex and imprinted with a hardened piece of the corrugated cardboard.

The rear of the sarcophagus seems to have some hieroglyphs in gold as if they had been stamped using the Scarabella/Heiro Heaven stamp sets using easy varnish and gold pigment.

Upon opening the front, the adventurers were surprised to find an intact mummy.

Closer inspection revealed this was a foil form, covered in masking tape and painted with Powertex Ivory.  This had then been wrapped in gauze which had also been dipped in the Ivory Powertex and then sprayed with natural brown bister.



The whole sarcophagus inside and out had been covered with a dusting of Rich Gold pigment.


Archaeological specialists have decline to comment at this time.

For those eagle eyed readers out there – yes the hieroglyphs on the pith helmut do spell Powertex!!



Until next time, happy creative adventures



My secret friend – Powertex Reference Journal

Hello again

Hands up if you get a bit jittery……..

….When it comes to dry brushing your project

….When you want to try a new colour scheme

….Using a new fabric/embellishment etc

….Your trying something new for the first time

Lets admit it, we all like our comfort zones

I wanted to share with you my secret friend – a Powertex Reference Journal using the new Powertex MDF Journal Covers where I can experiment to my hearts content.

This is the place to play, to create, to experiment and be bold, this is your journal and you don’t need to share it with anyone unless you want to and as the quote on the cover of my journal says “the object isn’t to make art’

I started with the MDF covers, the perfect base for fabric sculpting, Structure Paste, Stone Art, Stencilling and 3D Flex play.  I used different bisters to see what would happen if ……… then dry brushed over parts of it.  I’ve left some for another day when I may want to try different pigment blends.  The inside covers give you even more play areas and you could always add a second set of covers inside the journal.

For the pages I used 100% cotton fabric to create pages in each base Powertex colour.  As you finish working with a colour why not use any remaining product to create these.  They don’t all have to be completed at once and the idea is to build up your journal as you have more tex adventures. These are just the base colours but imagine what other shades you could get by mixing these colours!!

I leave these to dry flat on the side, then use the cover of the journal as a template to mark where to cut.  Normal scissors will cut through the hardened fabric and a Sharpie pen can be used to write on the fabric to make notes of colours/ fabrics etc that you have used.

The holes in the binding side have been made using a crop’o’dile or standard hole punch,  If you lay the mdf cover over the page and mark through the holes with a sharpie pen you can see exactly where the holes need to go,

TIP – if using a hole punch, turn it upside down and remove the plastic tray from the bottom, slide your tex page into the punch then line up the dots you made with the hole punch holes and punch away.

I’ve bound it with book binding rings to make it easier to slip pages in and out and also to allow it to lay completely flat whilst I’m working in it.

So I now have the perfect place to test dry brushing colour combinations, adhere fabrics that I want to try, play with bisters, rust, structure paste, stone art, 3D flex and every other product in the range and I can add notes so that in the future Ill know just what I’ve used.

And when Iv’e used up these pages I can just create more and keep adding them in to my own personal reference guide.

Hope you have fun creating your journal, the map to your creative adventures.

Bye for now




Meet me by the Silver Birch



Hello again my fellow adventurers

So Jack and Sarah are finally going to meet again by the Silver Birch trees…


A piece of MDF was coated in Powertex Ivory, Sarah’s face was taken from silk papers portraits 1 and was roughly torn out before being applied to the surface with easy matt varnish. Roughly tearing allows the edges to blend into the background easier than a cut edge would. A further layer of varnish was applied to the top of the silk paper.

The misty background is made by applying 3D sand onto a fresh layer of Ivory powertex and then spraying with green bister.

The trees are stone art applied to a thin layer of bronze powertex.  Once dry I sprayed yellow and green bister onto my work surface and then used my finger to blend them into the trees.  Clear gold pigment was gently brushed over the right hand tree to highlight it.

Watch out for future blogs to see how they spent their time together.


Happy creating


Powertex Design Team Project – Time to meet

Hello again

Well Jack and Sarah will have to wait no longer as its now time for them to meet up again……….



This cog clock was created from pre-cut MDF shapes, I laid out a rough plan before starting.




Powertex Structure paste was used to stencil images onto all of pieces





The pieces were then given a coat of Powertex Ivory to seal the surface of the MDF 



Rusty Powder was then mixed into the Powertex, along with vinegar, and this was applied to the cogs in an uneven layer.  As I wanted a grungy look I applied more rust on top of the wet Powertex and sprayed with vinegar.


Once dry I used Powertex transparent to attach the cogs together – supporting them with scrunched plastic bags until set.


I poured out small pools of red, yellow and terracotta Powertex and used my finger to dry brush varying colours over the rust.



Finally metal cogs were attached to the top of the MDF again using Powertex transparent.



So we know the time but in the next blog you can find out the place…….

Don’t forget,  you could spend time with your local tutor and have fun creating your own story.

Until then, happy creative adventuring…….Ax




Hello again

Did any of you catch the Powertex shows on Hochanda this week?  If not have a look on Rewind.

They were very inspirational and led to a play session with the new fossil moulds, 3D flex and 3D balls…….a marriage made in heaven I think.



If you are still a little unsure where to start?  why not contact your local tutor and book onto a workshop just to get you going.  You never know where it may lead.



Powertex Design Team Project – Headful of Dreams

Hello Creative Adventurers

So If you have been anxiously waiting with baited breath to find out what jack said here it is…..(you can catch up with the story so far here).

“Jack wrote to her of things they would do, places they would visit, experiences they would share, he crafted a headful of DREAMS.”



To create this piece, I started with a carved head and formed an armature of foil covered with masking tape to make the circle above the face.  

This was then coated in Powertex Black alongside some old Christmas decorations and mulberry flowers these were all then left to dry.

Cotton Lace was dipped into the black Powertex and wrapped around the armature.  The dry decorations and flowers were then tucked into and onto the lace (where needed a fresh coat of Powertex was added to the base of the flowers to help them stick). This was then left to dry.




The flowers, swirls and lace were then dry brushed using a mixture of Powercolor  and Colotrix Pigments.




Finally the metal “Dream” was suspended in the centre using fishing line.

HOWEVER…….What Sarah really wanted to know was when would they next meet……….See my next DT blog to find out where and when that will be.

Till then happy creative adventures……….Ax

Gloria the Powertex Goose with the Golden Egg

Hello Creative Adventurers…….

This time last week I had my creative passport out and travelled to Birmingham where I was at the NEC in the Artists Avenue of the ICHF Hobbycrafts show.  What an amazing experience……

Whilst there I got to play with the new Powertex WHITE.  This is a real bright clean white that Daz (other soap powders are available) would be proud of!!

So what to make? Well you don’t get much whiter that a goose feather and so Gloria Goose came into being.

She was created on a wire armature, with masking tape and a covering of tissue paper applied using the white Powertex. Once dry her beak was dry brushed using a mixture of orange, yellow ochre and yellow pigments and her eyes are black pigment.

Glorias cracked eggs were based on papier mache eggs coated in bronze Powertex with a layer of ivory based 3D flex clay.  They were both sprayed with Natural Brown bister.

The all important golden egg is a polystyrene egg coated in a layer of Powertex ivory mixed with 3D sand to give a textured finish.  This was then dry brushed with two layers of Rich Gold colortrix pigment.

She made her nest out of garden twigs and is now sitting happily in the conservatory waiting for her new arrivals to hatch!

Hope you like her, see you soon on our next adventure.


Tip Shop Challenge – Home is where the heart is

Hello fellow adventurers

and welcome to my first ‘Tip shop challenge’  – so what is it I hear you shout…….well like most creatives, I love nothing better than turning something discarded into something else, something useful or just different.  I love scouring charity shops and car boots for that elusive find that will start me on yet another creative adventure.  

SO my challenge to myself this time was to find something at £1 or less and to alter it, colour it, pretty it up or distress it down and I have to use things already in my stash ( yes the one we all have but daren’t admit how big its getting!! – bit like my waistline)…..and so here we go


This metal tea light stand was found at our local tip shop, one of my favourite places for finding treasures. Using black Powertex, I coated the whole item, dipped hessian was then pushed into the gap leaving trailing ends and 3d small balls were added to the stand and base.

A small birdcage from my necklace stash was then suspended in the centre of the heart using floristry wire so that it still had some movement.








Once dry I then used a combination of Powertex Colortrix pigments to heavily dry brush the flowers on the outside and lightly dusted with terragreen on the inside

And here is its before and after shots

Until next time………Happy adventuring………Ax